Dec 9, 2013

my bedroom

I'm lucky to have a big window in my room because I love when the sun shines through & rarely need to keep my lights a few months ago I changed my bedding to something a lot more colorful (it was plain white before) & since I prefer adding unique touches to my room instead of buying a bunch of decorations at once, it's taken me awhile to finally have it the way I've wanted to look...and i'm glad I waited :)
pretty hooks used to hang my jewelry
polka dots seem to always put me in a good mood / Ikea bedding
favorite new Bath & Body Works peppermint lotion, vintage camera coin bank, & cage used as storage for perfumes
Urban Outfitters sandals, Asos heels, & Vans
islamic/morroccan art
gorgeous flowers my mom brought me after getting the flu & my polaroid collection


Agata D. said...

I fell in love in your room, seriously ! Is so climatic.

LaiLa said...

Love your room, really! I would like to also have a polaroid collection! It looks great!


Anonymous said...

I love your room, esp the bed set