Dec 9, 2013

work in progress

worked on some ideas for the children's book i'm illustrating

my bedroom

I'm lucky to have a big window in my room because I love when the sun shines through & rarely need to keep my lights a few months ago I changed my bedding to something a lot more colorful (it was plain white before) & since I prefer adding unique touches to my room instead of buying a bunch of decorations at once, it's taken me awhile to finally have it the way I've wanted to look...and i'm glad I waited :)
pretty hooks used to hang my jewelry
polka dots seem to always put me in a good mood / Ikea bedding
favorite new Bath & Body Works peppermint lotion, vintage camera coin bank, & cage used as storage for perfumes
Urban Outfitters sandals, Asos heels, & Vans
islamic/morroccan art
gorgeous flowers my mom brought me after getting the flu & my polaroid collection

Dec 1, 2013

All photos taken with this camera
Lake Mead & a cactus room in a gift shop

view from the road to Brooklyn

Papago Park AZ + cool decor at a gift shop

I've always had an obsession for film/instant cameras + the unique-quality photographs they produce. they definitely can be a pain to work with because you have very little control on the camera's settings. i've had so many almost perfect photographs that turned out to be too dark because of bad lighting but i'd definitely say that using film cameras has taught me a lot more about photography than a regular DSLR has.