Jan 30, 2012

very berry chocolate cake

I'm more of a vanilla than chocolate person but lately I've had this random craving for a very moist and sweet chocolate cake so I decided to give it a try & bake one. Most of my cake recipes are taken from Martha Stewart since hers never disappoint me and I was so pleased with this one too! It's a two layer cake with a raspberry jam filling, creamy chocolate icing, and topped with juicy strawberries.

Jan 29, 2012

vintage magazines

I have this obsession with old magazine covers especially Vogue, the photographs are all so remarkable + sadly you don't see many like them today.

Jan 27, 2012

D.I.Y. flower garland

A lovely and super easy way to decorate plain walls or curtains, maybe even hang from the wall..whatever you prefer.
all you need are: flowers of your choice, thread/yarn

*make sure to not cut off all the flower's stem since it will be harder to tie
* if you use dead flowers like I did & don't want to worry about having petals break off, add a little hairspray to them)
  1. Lay the thread on a flat surface and tie a flower starting from the end of the string
  2. Continue tying on more flowers and double knotting each one using one end of the string
  3. Make them as long or short as you want and be as creative as you can!

Jan 20, 2012

dark + cold evenings, homemade breakfast, and lots of baking=my kind of winter

(please link back this site if you post any photos taken by me)

Jan 15, 2012

Forever 21 polka-dot dress
Nordstrom long cardigan
Forever 21 combat boots

Jan 11, 2012

finally we got some snow! probably the best thing about where I live is how beautiful the trees look during the winter when it snows. the downside is that I got excited about not having school but it ended up not being canceled :\

Jan 1, 2012

pretty cakes

simple yet elegant.

these cakes are a work of art, i love the detail.