Jan 27, 2012

D.I.Y. flower garland

A lovely and super easy way to decorate plain walls or curtains, maybe even hang from the wall..whatever you prefer.
all you need are: flowers of your choice, thread/yarn

*make sure to not cut off all the flower's stem since it will be harder to tie
* if you use dead flowers like I did & don't want to worry about having petals break off, add a little hairspray to them)
  1. Lay the thread on a flat surface and tie a flower starting from the end of the string
  2. Continue tying on more flowers and double knotting each one using one end of the string
  3. Make them as long or short as you want and be as creative as you can!


LaiLa said...

A very beautiful thing! :)

HalaalPepperoni said...

I love the idea of hanging the garlands down plain curtains! I also like the artwork in your room. Did you make those as well?