Dec 1, 2013

All photos taken with this camera
Lake Mead & a cactus room in a gift shop

view from the road to Brooklyn

Papago Park AZ + cool decor at a gift shop

I've always had an obsession for film/instant cameras + the unique-quality photographs they produce. they definitely can be a pain to work with because you have very little control on the camera's settings. i've had so many almost perfect photographs that turned out to be too dark because of bad lighting but i'd definitely say that using film cameras has taught me a lot more about photography than a regular DSLR has.


Fariha said...

Beautiful photos!

Do you like the Fujifilm camera you have? I want to invest in a good film camera, but can't decide on one.


Jessica lala said...

Beautiful ptotos!

aman said...

very nice post ! Happy is the man who has peace of mind