May 29, 2012

new york city

finally after years I visited New York City this past memorial day weekend and i loved it! being raised & living in the suburbs your whole life starts to suck so spending a few days in a city environment felt great. I really hope i get to move there once I go to college!
a pretty Saturday morning
merry-go-rounds at Bryant Park
the sun setting at Central Park
the rush & crowd of Times Square
 fresh roses at the Plaza Hotel
i fell in love with the ceilings & chandeliers at the Plaza; it was so royal


Fariha said...

Beautiful photos! I moved to the suburbs after living in the city my whole life. I definitely love the city more :)

Where are you planning on going to college?

hbub29 said...

Aww, I adore vintage carousels

Aleyn said...

so beautiful! I wish I could reach NY one day :)