Apr 28, 2012

My sister and I are planning to start making a bunch of Islamic art and calligraphy and sell them instead of getting a summer job.. since I find the style to be fascinating too, I collected a few favorite images for some inspiration to use. I'll be posting more details about our art that we'll be selling in the upcoming months so if there's anything you'd like to see for us to draw regarding Arabic sayings, mosques, etc let me know in a comment!
Tiles from Topkapi Palace, Istanbul.

details along a mosque in Syria
"Alhamdulillah" praise to god


Anonymous said...

very interesting :) And beautiful of course !

Tanja Ayesha said...

You are so talented so can't wait to see your drawings:) I'm new to your blog. I would be happy if you would come visit my newest blog http://tanyesha.blogspot.com

LaiLa said...

The photos are really awesome, and inspiring :)

LaiLa said...

The photos are really awesome, and inspiring :)

North Caucasian Muslim said...

for more inspiration i'll recommend for you this vector collection "East Decor"

i like it very well.

about your and your sister sommer work: i want to see commbinations : IT (information technology) + Arabic calligraphy :)
if you understand my.
becaus i love arabic and i'm prorgammer , and work every days with computer

North Caucasian Muslim said...

HafsaApr 28, 2012 09:22 PM
Thanks for the recommendation! I'll look into IT, i like to use Adobe Illustrator for designing on the computer but do you know of another specific software? Majority of my artwork I use watercolor, paint, and ink.

take care!

i don't work in design, but if i need change image, i usualy use PhotoShop (yes... cracked, - but it's not criminal in russia).

oh, i rememberd. once i'm maked design of this cover, and this work taked from me one whole day! )


and when i told abotu IT + Arabic , i meen somthing like CD-discs, keybords , monitors, mouses + eastern ornaments and calligraphy

are you understud me)
i have never write in english , it's my first steps. and i'm finding friends here. i have writed to many peoples at this morning , but you first , who answerd. thank you, sister .