Mar 2, 2012

I love when my room is perfectly spotless with nothing laying around. keeping it simple makes it much more comfortable too with just a few things that add that pop of color (Native American rug, wall art)

hash browns aren't much of a "picture pretty" food but these were delicious. (Paula Deen's recipe)

home-made sugar cookies topped with sweet frosting and sprinkled peppermint candy bits...what more can you ask for? :)


UmmSultana said...

I like the simplicity of your room as well. Also I am stealing that hash brown recipe :) Do you eat it for breakfast or just as a normal meal?

Anonymous said...

you have amazing room. It's very climatic :)
great photos <3

Style Blogger said...

cookies look yummm and i like your room :) simple but looks homey x

LaiLa said...

I love the thing that you have the window next to your bed!