Sep 2, 2011

during the long, summer days I like to spend time baking and making new things. however school starts next week so I will barely have any time to which sucks because I love to bake haha :) these are a few things I made this summer break:
lemon cake & lemon frosting, with a filling of blackberry preserves.
rainbow cupcakes topped with cream cheese frosting. this is one of the coolest cupcake ideas, props to whoever invented them!
if i knew how simple it would be to make funnel cake, i'd probably try to so long ago. they taste just as good as the ones at the carnival too! [recipe]
this was a cake I made for my little sister, instructions found on betty crocker's website.
chocolate chip muffins, nothing can beat those. [recipe]


siostrzenica said...

mmm I'm hungry. ;D

LaiLa said...

Really good food! I have bake this summer too, it's a good time to do it :)
How have you made the lemon cake, can you post or tell me waht's the receipe?


Julia Rambaud said...

Mmm yummy!!!

Página ao Lado said...

OMG! (: