Dec 6, 2010

thanksgiving break

Monday- we went to Red Rock Canyon (we took a gazillion pictures there) and Mount Charleston. When we were driving up the mountain we saw cars leaving with snow-covered cars which was very surprising because we were in Las Vegas, right? Only later we realized the mountain was filled with snow! The beauty on top of the mountain was unexplainable, the only thing was that we were not dressed for snow (uh yeah, we barely had jackets on). Then, on the way back to the city we also saw cute, wild donkeys. I'm guessing it's a "furzee" thing to feed them bananas *cough cough Mom.
Tuesday- we visited Hoover Dam and drove to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon West. We didn't get to see the entire canyon, however, because it cost hundreds of dollars to do so which sucked but we did see beautiful landscape and drove hours in the desert on an abandoned road filled with joshua trees and Native American territory (teepees!)
Wednesday- we went to California and visited Death Valley which is in the Mojave desert. It was breathtaking especially the hotel which was surrounded by tall palm trees and pink flowers!
Thursday- we went to Valley of Fire, (i got really good sunset pics there) and the petroglyphs we saw there were really cool.
Friday- spent the whole day on Las Vegas blvd. visiting all the grand, luxurious hotels, Bellagio and Venetian were my favorite.

Yes my trip consisted of lots of mountains, canyons, and deserts. Honestly, there's not much to do in Las Vegas itself if you're not a gambler and drinker.

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