Nov 12, 2010

i just want to be ok, be ok.

sweater: thrifted | purse: thrifted
It's been quite a long time since i've updated my Blogger, unfortunately! I plan on changing that from now on [inshallah] so keep following + leaving lovely comments =) Anywho, i've been feeling so sick this week, i think i have a cold or allergies, it sucks. On the bright side, i found out today i got a B on my algebra exam. I'm so happy 'cause i'm horrible at math!

p.s. Inshallah i'm off to Las Vegas in a week!!!


Keltoum said...

I like the colours of your sweater!

Aisha said...

love the sweater! you have a great blog too :D

p.s that is my song right nowww! been addicted to it since i heard it on ugly betty haha