Jul 8, 2010

Independence Day

Last weekend i went Virginia Beach with my cousins for Fourth of July. It was an amazing trip! The weather was perfect---breezy and not humid. We relaxed on the beach, read books, and also walked the boardwalk. At night, we watched the fireworks and laughed at crazy people. Since my dad took the dslr, my sister decided to use a disposable camera for the trip and the pictures came out lovely!


Natalie said...

i love these photos! so pretty! looks like fun :)


sahara. said...

cute photos.
love the last one (:


Claudia said...

beautiful photos!

agnieszka said...

how beautiful colours !

hbub29 said...

Lovely photos [specially the 5th] I LOVE taking photos too:)


Khadija said...

Amazing pictures! Especially the third one :)

heroine temptation said...

Amazing post:D really nice shots girl
good job
please visit my blog too and follow me if you wish
xoxo natalia ;)


libys11 said...

such festive photos!! :D

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